About Mary Dilda

Mary and Steve Dilda live in Memphis, TN. They met and married 15 years ago while serving in the U.S. Air Force, and have been involved in aviation as a team ever since. Both are military trained. Steve and Mary owned a FAR Part 141 flying school in Altus, OK, but they are now flying with commercial airlines. T-6 Air Racing and aerobatic air show performances fill their very busy schedules.

Mary Dilda has been flying professionally since 1980 when she earned her CFI at Oklahoma State University and became a flight instructor for the college. After graduation she joined the Air Force and flew the C-9 “Nightingale” and the C-141 “Starlifter” as an instructor and examiner pilot. Mary was the Guest Speaker at the 2004 Women in Aviation conference. Today, along with flying the T-6 “Texan”, Mary also flies as a First Officer for a major U.S. Cargo Carrier.

Mary’s love of flying, dedication to promoting aviation and discipline in the cockpit all come together at show time. Her skills at maneuvering the “Two of Hearts” in the sky result in a beautiful and graceful air show that is entertaining and fun for all to see.