Meet Mary Dilda

Some people are difficult to impress. In the fast-paced world of aviation, adrenaline-charged, death-defying stunts are the order of the day. But during a 2004 air show in Dayton, Ohio, even seasoned aviation fans were stunned and delighted by the dynamic display put on by one fearless airshow performer.

The show was so remarkable that it led one honored WWII instructor pilot, Earl Krebs, to remark: “This is the first time I’ve ever seen a T-6 cartwheel in the sky and at a low altitude at that. Absolutely incredible.” Krebs would know. He instructed pilots during the Second World War in operating the very type of airplane being flown. What made the performance even more incredible was that the pilot was a woman.

mary dildaSince the beginning of her professional flying career in 1979, Mary Dilda has been thrilling aviation professionals and fans alike with her breathtaking aerial acrobatics and lightning-fast speeds. Today she stands as one of the most prominent female pilots in the aviation world. She gives the men a run for their money and brings you Mary Dilda Airshows and the Two of Hearts Air Racing Team.